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tv   Good Morning Washington 600  ABC  September 22, 2011 6:00am-7:00am EDT

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i am cynne simpson. >> i am natasha barrett. we're following breaking news out of montgomery county. part of rockville pike remain closed because of a serious collision between a car in a motor scooter. we begin with jummy olabanji live from where it happened. good morning that corn you hear is the car behind me that was involved in this crash. you see the red scooter underneath the hood of that car. we have some video of the initial point of this crash. this is about a mile from where we are near the intersection of rockville pike and route 28. at about 1:30 this morning police were called out here. the red scooter was stopped at a red light near rockville pike at edmonton drive and a skirt
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started to dry ford and the car hit the scooter from behind. it dragged the scooter about a mile. the operator of the scooter is in the hospital in critical condition. police are staying -- are saying it is life-threatening injuries. the driver has not been charged with anything yet. police are still investigating and charges could be pending. time for a check on traffic and weather every 10 minutes. >> let's give you an aerial view of the area we just saw. traffic is able to get by but you can see that 355 remains closed in both directions. traffic in virginia is not too complicated. headlights heading north.
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we have a little bit of thought out there but nothing like yesterday. we are looking at temperatures at this hour at around 70 degrees across most of the area. 69 at reagan national airport and manassas. here is live super doppler radar. around the beltway the showers have now come to an end. look for a few showers throughout the day and daytime highs will be around 77-82 degrees. but overnight and into tomorrow get your umbrella's ready. my full forecast in a few minutes. we have more breaking news -- this is out of columbia. an overnight apartment fire sent three people to the hospital. firefighters rescued several people from the apartment on stevens forest road. three people have injuries but
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not life-threatening. 34 people don't have a place to live but there is no word on what caused this fire. a cop killer is executed and the outrage its part from the steps of the supreme court to a prison in georgia. troy davis died last night at 11:08, 22 years after the deadly shooting of an off-duty police officer. he was defiant to the end. good morning protesters gathered across the country in different areas. a group here gathered at the white house before marching to the supreme court. it was an emotional day for many of them carried it was a decision that came down to the 11th hour. the supreme court reviewed a final appeal that was ultimately denied. after protests and prayers, troy davis and supporters lost the
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battle to save his life. the court ordered the execution of a convicted cop killer was carried out and witnesses said up until his final moments he maintained his innocence. >> he said the incident that night was not my fault. i did not have a gun. that is when he told his friends to continue to fight and look deeper into this case so you can really find the truth. for years, his supporters have pointed to holes in the case. for hours, there was hope when the supreme court decide to take a last-minute appeal. it was ultimately denied. >> please commander and shine a light on this horrible occurrence. we send a message around the world. more than 1 million people have spoken out about this injustice.
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>> the mother of the victim says she finally has closure. >> it has been 22 years we have been going through this. he is gone now. >> witnesses inside said davis refused his final mill that made that plea to continue the fight family and friends and supporters say they will do just that. some of those out here gathering across the country say the protests will now turn to a vigil later today. 6:00 05 and hours earlier hundreds of miles away, the state of texas executed a white supremacist gang leader. lawrence brussel bourse had been on death row since dragging a black man to death 13 years ago. it was an emotional night at bowie state university. >> we have come together as one
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university like never before. domique frazer 's friends and families gathered. she was stabbed to death in her dorm room. permit is charged in her death. two american hikers held in an iranian prison for more than two years are now spending quality time with their families. they ran to family members. the omani government put up $1 million bail. >> we are so happy we are free and relieved we are free. >> it has been 781 days and we could not be more proud. >> the two were arrested while hiking along the iran/iraq border in 2009. the two men will spend a few days in oman before heading back
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to the u.s.. >> president obama turned his attention back to the job today. the president will fly to cincinnati to deliver remarks at an old bridge in need of repairs. yesterday, the president urged palestine to read drop its request for statehood. at the un. we could be closer to a potential government shut down. the house rejected a bill to keep the government running through mid-november. democrats oppose the legislation because it cuts the program to help car companies build fuel efficient vehicles. republicans oppose the bill because it does not do enough to cut spending. congress still has until october 1 to approve a bill. in the last 24 hours, the death toll from awisteria a listeria
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outbreak has increased. the cantaloupes came from jensen farms in colorado. the time is >> 6:08> coming up, and more expensive trip to the eastern shore. it could cost nearly double by the end of the dead. the facebook facebook backlash. you want to keep your umbrella close for the next few days. we will have the full forecast.
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>> we prepare and deliver meals for people with hiv aids, cancer, and like cows and illnesses. all of our staff of volunteers would like to wish you "good morning, washington." we have a few scattered showers out side giving us a little bit of wet pavement but nothing we cannot work are way around for the morning rush-hour commuters. looking at live super doppler radar, fredericksburg has a showers. the heaviest of activity as well to the east of us. that will not affect us. mostar is moving in from the south and will move into the area later today into the overnight areas and tomorrow. we could be looking at 1-2 inches of rain by the time this
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system moves out of here. highs today will be in the upper 70's to lower 80's. let's get an update on the rush hour from lisa baden. >> i don't like what i see. look at that outer loop in the leg. -- look at the outer loop delay in maryland. there's an accident that everybody has to look. we have traffic moving at normal speed on both sides of the beltway at the wilson bridge and good on rte. 50 between bowie and kenilworth ave. it is quiet coming out of leesburg and sterling and ashburn. we will check in with jummy olabanji and a little while in the heart of rockville. it turns out pro football does not want and the wimopps.
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the nfl has sent a memo that says that fake injuries will not be tolerated. a giant player did that sun that. faking injuries will now result in fines suspensions, and loss of draft picks. the cowboys quarterback is scheduled to play the redskins sunday with a broken rib and collapsed a yawn -- long. -- lung. the redskins defense will be coming for him. >> the time is 6:13 and 68 degrees outside. >> having a family is more expensive than ever. how much raising children will cost you. >> later, r a
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the maryland transportation authority is ready to vote on an historic price hike. if approved, tolls on the chesapeake bay will nearly double. it 1-way trip will cost nearly $4 starting september 1 in july of 2013. the extra money will pay for extra repairs and statewide road projects. d.c. police are looking for
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who ever tried to rob an armored car before a shootout on the streets of northwest. >> it happened on georgia avenue yesterday morning. at least two men were involved but they were unable to make off with any money. one of the suspects was hit by gunfire. at last check, he was in critical condition. d.c. mayor vincent gray and officials are facing new fire over what critics say is a crackdown on information. >> i think there is a balance that has to be struck between the public safety concerns that were raised by deputy mayor and transparency and we will work with you guys to figure out where the balance is. >> we look at some of the information going out through the twitter account and we figured out it needs to be filtered first. incorrect information comes to that account or if it imperils another operation, that puts all of us at risk.
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>> this issue started last week when the d.c. police department began using encrypted channels when communicating with two-way radios. the fire department has also nearly stopped sending tweets . facebook users are not a happy bunch this morning. the social networking side make big changes yesterday. users have been able to choose between the most recent news but they are now merged. many users say they find it confusing. facebook plans to announce even more changes today. the federal reserve is making moves to improve the economy. the cost to raise a child keeps going up. good morning the fed tries to perk up the economy. they are moving $400 billion of its portfolio hoping to bring
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down long-term interest rates and get the economy moving. reports say floundering hewlett- packard is expected to fire their ceo less than one year after he was hired and there are rumors as to who may have replaced them, meg wittman. bill gates was atop the fourth list of wealthiest americans with a net worth of $59 billion. the cost of raising a child is going up. the average cost from birth to age 18 was almost $227,000 last year. that is almost 40% more than one decade ago. ♪ it's the end of an era for rock and roll. after 15 records, r e m is calling it quits.
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they made the announcement on its web site. they were thinking fans for listening over the last three decades. that has been the sound track of many of our lives. >> i think they will get back together. i think they will have a reunion album. >> their last album did not do so well. >> i did not know they were still together. we have different weather on the way later this afternoon. grab your umbrellas today but look at the mild temperatures. it is 70 degrees now. at this hour, the weatherbug network is looking at 68 degrees and a quarter of an inch of rain in sandy spring, her maryland. it is 70 degrees downtown washington.
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winchester is 64 and visibility is down to less than 1 mile out there. live super doppler radar shows like showers around fredericksburg and the heaviest activity is well to the east of us, across the delmarva peninsula. that will not impact our area today. we have a lot of moisture moving in from the south. the moisture arrives later tonight into tomorrow and we could pick up 1 inch or two of rain. the showers are moving in from the south and notice how the showers become more widespread and tomorrow it will pick up and look for the heaviest rain east of the d.c. just where we don't need it after all the rain we had a couple of weeks ago. 77-82 for daytime highs and scattered showers, a 40% chance, and nighttime lows will fall into the 60's and tomorrow it will be around 70 degrees
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with heavy rain likely. it is a good morning driving route 4 and route 5 into southeast washington. it is typical volume on route 50 out of bowie to get into new york ave. kenilworth avenue is slowing and 95 and the baltimore-washington parkway needs extra time. no problems to report on route 50 and outer loop delays are 952 georgia ave. 270 is building volume at 109. this is a live picture of traffic leaving the greenway on to the toll road. 66 and 95 have plenty of action as far as volume. we will check in with jummy olabanji with an accident in rockville and a little while. >> 6:21 and 69 degrees.
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>> next up, going bald for good cause -- the brave mom who took it all off. >> later today on anderson, former members of the flds church began at 4:00.
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republicans hoping to take on president obama next year will face off in another debate. it is set for 9:00 tonight from florida. the candidates will answer some of the 18,000 questions people submitted via the internet. the sat and then, nasa should have a better idea where that dead satellite on a collision course with earth will crash tomorrow. 26 pieces totaling two hundred pounds will survive reentry and the debris will probably splashdown over a range of 500
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miles. 46 mothers from across the country are now able to support their children who are battling cancer. let >> given up. the women had their heads shaved yesterday at union station. you just saw part campbell was one of the people out there doing the shaving. natasha barrett was there with alison starling. some of the women have lost a child to cancer and others have a child battling the disease currently. the money raised from the event will be used for pediatric cancer research. >> that was so touching to be out there yesterday. these women are so strong. >> good job out there and congratulations to the moms. the time is 6:26 and they're still another half an hour of "good morning washington."
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>> who was asked to take part in "dancing with the stars"but was missing? >> the first taste of freedom for the american hikers who spent two years as prisoners in iraq. that story's coming up. >> a few showers later on today but heavier rain is expected [
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>> live and in hd, this is "good morning washington," on your side. >> the court ordered execution of troy anthony davis has been carried out pretty time of death is 11:08 p.m. convict cop killers put to death new reaction after the late night execution. time is 6:30 on this thursday, september 22. we are still falling
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breaking news out of montgomery county were parts of rockville pike remain closed because of a serious collision between a car and a motor scooter. lisa baden is tracking traffic tieups but we start with jummy olabanji. good morning, we can tell you that police are still out here investigating this serious crash. they still have rockville pike shut down. at about 1:30 this morning, this occurred near edmonton drive. the scooter became lodged underneath the car. the car dragged the skoda for about 1 mile. -- drag of the scooter for about 1 mile. the victim was taken to the hospital with life-threatening injuries. they are still investigating and
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this should be shut down for some time. they ask people use this area -- find an alternate route. >> you can tell the impact of that crash. that horn has been going for over one hour. rockville pike is a major commuter route and that will push more neighbors onto 270 out of germantown to get through gaithersburg and rockville the rain is not helping to much. light showers out there now in some areas have picked up 1/4 of 1 inch of rain. and temperatures are 70 degrees at this time of mourning which is not so bad. looking at our radar showers are scattered and very light at this point but enough to allow
6:33 am
the roadways to become wet and slick. partly sunny with scattered showers today 77-82 degrees for daytime highs. for the rest of the work and school week into the weekend doug hill will be here in a few minutes to tell us. we've got more breaking news coming in from columbia, maryland. an adult and two children are hospitalized effort over my apartment fire on stevens forest road pretty injuries are not believed to be life-threatening. 34 people were displaced and there is no word on what might have caused the fire. a georgia man whose execution caused international outrage and protest has been put to death. >> troy davis was executed just after 11:00 last night. his execution was delayed because of a last-minute appeal to the supreme court which was rejected. he was convicted of killing an off-duty police officer back in
6:34 am
1989. there were protests outside the georgia prison where he died. supporters say there was no physical evidence tying into the murder and several witnesses say police threatened them if they did not identify him. the bowie state university campus came together last night to remember a student who was murdered in her dorm room. >> we have come together as one university like never before. >> there was a memorial service and candlelight vigil near the building were dominique frazier was stabbed to death last week. her family attended the service. her roommate is charged in her death. d.c. police are still looking for whoever it is who tried to rob an armored car before a shootout on the streets of northwest. this happened along the 6500 block of georgia avenue around 11:00 yesterday morning. at least two men were involved but were unable to make up with money. one of the suspects was hit by
6:35 am
gunfire. he is in critical condition. an amazing story -- two hikers jailed in iran for years are now back with their families. >> they were reunited with their families in oman. we go live to northwest washington. good morning all of this might have been a carefully timed public-relations spectacle as mahmoud ahmadinejad is scheduled to speak to the un general assembly today. none of that matters to the two who were freed. the hikers landed in oman and their families greeted them. the omani paid $1 million in bail. >> two years in prison is too
6:36 am
long. we sincerely hope for the freedom of other political prisoners and other on justly imprison people in america and iran. >> all three were arrested for trespassing when they crossed or the border into iran. the two were convicted of spying but released as a humanitarian gesture. they will spend a few days in oman recuperating and will fly back home to the u.s. >> after one year of controversy, the islamic community center near ground zero is now open. park 51 opened its doors to the public yesterday with a photo exhibit of new york children representing 160 cultural backgrounds. some objected to the project because they did not want an islamic prayer space near the site of the september 11 attacks. >> time is 6:36 and 68 degrees
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outside. >> still ahead taking a stand against government spending -- it could mean another shutdown showdown. we will have a live report. >> we will have another check on [ baby coughing, labored breathing ] [ coughing continues ] [ gasping ] [ elevator bell dings, ughing continues ] [ female announcer
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>> it is time for a look at traffic and weather every 10 minutes. good morning, it looks like another cloudy day in the area of fog but things will get better slowly. we are locked into a flow of air out of the south and this will take two more days to get out of here. there will be clouds and maybe glimmer of sunshine and temperatures are starting of warm 70 in washington. 72 degrees in annapolis. the rain is mostly on the eastern shore. there are a few more showers trying to come across the northern neck but for the moment that is about it. there are some patches of dense fog in martinsburg. so visibility is an issue. this is the last day of summer.
6:41 am
parleyed summit with scattered showers 77-82 degrees. we will look at the first days of autumn with potentially heavy rain. we tend things over to lisa baden. 66, 95, i-395 has nothing but volume. the inner loop is slowing between braddock road and tyson's. across the 14th street bridge that is typical. we will take you to maryland and next. it is heavy on 270 right now. falls road to get to the beltway, this is one of the alternate routes to the closure of rockville pike between 28 and edmondsen drive. >> coming up, another government shut down s
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we could be close to a potential government shut down. we're joined from a politico with a closer look. this is what republican leaders in the house thought was a done deal. it was a fairly routine bill to keep the government running past september 30. democrats voted almost uniformly against it. so did some republicans. here we are again we have last time ago she asians. -- last minute negotiations. >> congress goes on vacation next week so they are trying to do this by friday to avoid a shutdown? >> we are getting e-mail that
6:45 am
lawmakers may be in session over the weekend because they are saying they may not have it figured out by friday. i suspect it will come to a deal. i don't know if there is an appetite for a lot -- another last-minute round of fighting. you never know. it could be a long weekend >> thank you so much. republicans hoping to take on president obama next year will face off again tonight. the former new mexico governor will join eight other candidates for a debate in orlando. this one is sponsored by fox news and google. the candidates will answer questions submitted over the internet. the federal reserve says it is taking another step to boost the economy but wall street did not like what occurred readout dropped nearly 284 points after the fed said it would buy long- term treasury notes and sell short-term ones to help the economy regains momentum
6:46 am
investors are skeptical that the program will succeed. foreign embassies 0 nearly $4,000 in unpaid traffic tickets in d.c.. russia topsail list -- tops list. next up is yemen. cameron owes more than $19,000. france comes in at number four. people who live in d.c. are not happy. >> i have paid a lot of money and parking tickets. -- in parking tickets. that is not call the diplomats are not paying. >> they should pay like everyone else. >> congress is now considering a bill that would require the state department to withhold aid to countries that do not pay their fines. is out with
6:47 am
a survey for the best cities to live in an arlington is second on the list. raleigh, north carolina is number 1, followed by arlington and honolulu, scottsdale, ariz. and irvine, california. this is based on average median income and education levels. another survey puts our area in an unflattering light. it is a report from environment maryland that says d.c. and baltimore are the two smoggiest cities on the east coast. 23 days this year ozone exceeded standards. the aftermath of hurricane irene cost bge more than $80 million. those costs could be passed on to you. bge ran up the tab as crews spent days after the storm trying to turn our back onto
6:48 am
more than 750,000 people. >> time for traffic and weather every 10 minutes. good morning again. it is a little bit cloudy and foggy in some spots. this is the naval academy in annapolis. there is a lot of cloud cover and the visibility is fine. however, you get places closer to metro and you find visibility restricted by fog. this is temperatures and rainfall since yesterday. the temperatures this morning are the warmest they have been in the morning for a couple of weeks. the satellite and radar shows some interesting twists and turns. rain is moving offshore this morning but other patches are developing across south carolina
6:49 am
and that will be a resource for some afternoon showers and thunderstorms today. temperatures will climb to about 80 and we should see a little sunshine. the trend would be for the heaviest rain tuesday to the east of the immediate metro area. there may be enough finning of the cloud cover to give us sunshine. showers become more widespread tomorrow maybe 1-2 inches. that could linger into the weekend. partly sunny today, scattered showers, 77-82 degrees with maybe a rumble of thunder and tomorrow heavier rain is expected. you could always check your whether any time at steve rudin will be back to look
6:50 am
at the weekend in more detail. what begins at 5:05 tomorrow morning. -- autumn begins at 5:00 05. >> that is my favorite season. >> let's check in with lisa baden. there is an unfortunate accident that happened in rockville. this is rockville pike between 28 and edmondston drive. they are documenting this crash and 355 is closed. one of the alternate route includes 270. southbound travel will be very heavy out of germantown through gaithersburg into rockville. the rain and the roads right are not helping but there is a crash on 270 southbound after shady
6:51 am
grove road.
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>> coming up, a joyous reunion as the two americans held prisoner in iran for more than two years are set free. we have the latest on their emotional journey home. and the chilling attack on a
6:54 am
prominent lawyer and his two sons. was he targeted because of his work? the six-ton satellite is set to slam back into our planet and that is next on "good morning america." it is time to check this morning's top stories. rockville pike is closed between edmundston road and there is mill road as police investigate an overnight accident. a car hit and dragged a motor scooter and the person on a scooter was seriously injured. a georgia man convicted of killing an off-duty police officer 20 years ago was executed last night. the execution was delayed by a last-minute appeal to the u.s. supreme court and this case drew international attention and led to protests. maryland transportation authority will vote on a plan to raise tolls for the bay bridge and other roads and bridges. if approved, tolls would rise on november 1.
6:55 am
the money raised would pay for needed improvements guess who turned down a chance to dance for america? >> it was none other than bill clinton. the former president said he was invited to be on "dancing with the stars but he turned it down because he did not have time to train. he's got red and so he does not need to train. -- he's got rhythm so he does not need to train. let's check in on the weather. our daytime highs today are around 80 degrees. drag your umbrella around. we will look for temperatures that will be around 80 degrees and tomorrow we have a chance of stronger storms during the afternoon hours. these showers and storms will come to an end by saturday and sunday will not be bad upper
6:56 am
70's and the upper 70's monday and tuesday. you can go to you can read about what we can expect for the winter. we will help to make decisions this morning. these are live cameras, one on i-270 south after shady grove road. traffic states to the right to get through and rockville pike southbound is closed between viers mill road road and edmundston road. >> that does it for "good morning, washington." . >> for continuing local news, tune into newschannel 8. have a great day
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